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A multicultural amateur community theater in Brno presenting Czech plays in English.

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B. Proudew (Hrdý Budžes)

See the period of normalization through the eyes of a girl who is at once clever and naive.

Czech Theater Fact

Otomar Krejča was one of founders of Divadlo za branou, where he directed the first performance of Cat on the Rails. In his youth, he signed his support for the Communist coup of 1948 and was held up as a "model socialist artist". Although acting was his first love, he eventually turned to directing and showed just as much talent there. After the Warsaw Pact invasion following the Prague Spring, however, he signed the Two Thousand Words manifesto calling for reform. He was kicked out of the Communist Party and forbidden from working in theater until after the Velvet Revolution. He continued directing plays abroad, with his career spanning places like Paris, Havana, and Moscow, and was eventually awarded the Czech Medal of Merit.

Past Shows



R.U.R. by Karel Čapek translated into English by Claudia Novack. This Czech play that introduced the word "robot" to the world was prescient for its time and remains relevant today.
A poster advertising the Jenůfa show

Jenůfa (Her Stepdaughter)

Jenůfa (Her Stepdaughter) by Gabriela Preissová translated by Barbara Day. This play was the basis for Janáček's famous opera.
An envelope from a letter between Charlotte and Alice

Charlotte and Alice

Dramatized reading of letters between Charlotte and Alice Masaryk. If you're interested in US or Czech history, feminism, prison, or mother-daughter relationships, you'll love this story.

The Vaněk Plays

Thirty years after the Velvet Revolution, come and look back at the universal truths revealed in the original Vaněk Plays written by Václav Havel and translated into English by Jan Novák.
Poster for Cat on the Rails

Cat on the Rails

In a relationship that isn't moving, waiting for a train that isn't coming, in a country nobody can leave, the question "Where are we going?" takes on a different meaning.
Věc Makropulos

The Makropulos Secret

What can you accomplish in a lifetime? How long is your lifetime?
A promotional poster for the play Dad Takes a Shot

Dad Takes a Shot

An epidemic of violence breaks out at a late-night bistro among a group of people celebrating a sports star's estranged father's name day.
Coming soon

Coming soon

We're planning something great.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Czech theater culture accessible to people who do not understand the Czech language and to show Czech people a different view of their culture than they are used to, thus bridging the gaps between cultures. We mainly organize theater performances and disseminate information about Czech theater.

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