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B. Proudew (Hrdý Budžes)

B. Proudew poster

Premiere: Sat Jan 29 2022

The play Hrdý Budžes has been selling out Czech theaters for nearly two decades. Now for the first time, English-speaking audiences have the chance to see this modern classic. It offers the chance to look at the period of Normalization through a unique perspective: that of a young girl going through changes big and small, determined to make it through and have some sweets along the way.

Czechoslovak society went through large changes in the 1970s, after the crackdown following the Prague Spring. These changes made their way into the lives of many people, both big and small. This play shows how these changes could affect ordinary life, including relationships at school, what's for dinner, and who gets the staring role in the Taming of the Shrew.

Helenka's perspective on it all brings many laughs, both ones she shares in and ones she doesn't fully understand. The play, written by Irena Dousková, translated by Melvyn Clarke, and adapted for the stage by Czech Theater, can help viewers understand influences on Czech culture that still leave their mark today.

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